Short story about the front photo

If you visited my blog just few days ago, or if you are the person who read just my last post, maybe you are curious where was the front photo taken. This short story will tell you more about it.

That morning is unforgettable

I use this photo as a cover photo, or front photo, because it is really special for me. Two special things happened that time in my life. First – my photos were first time published in a book and presented in front of audience in Poland (Warsaw). And second special thing is that it was a first time, when I did Interrail trip by myself. It was the very first experience for me, traveling so much and so alone in the same time.

Olsztyn lakes

I arrived to Poland late in the evening and next day I had this book presentation with other people, who wrote their texts into this book. The project was called Write The City and it was about foreign people living in Poland. About their experiences, stories, thing which happened to them. Next day, with some of those I went up to Olsztyn for a 2 days trip. I did not know much about this area, but my friend Yulia knew.

Olsztyn lakes

When we arrived I was not very happy. I have to say that I was some kind of asshole that day – seriously. But it had a reason. It was cold, rainy and it was my second day of traveling. In front of me were many other days, which I wanted to spend on trains in Europe. And I was just nervous to get ill or something. And it was not acceptable, because I paid too much for the ticket. So, yea, I was just not in a good mood. But thanks God it changed after few hours.

Olsztyn lakes

During the whole day it was sunny but in the evening some clouds started to run from behind the mountains. It looked like it will rain soon. And yes, it did. A huge storm came in the evening and as we saw our wet tents, we decided to hide in wooden grill cabin without any windows and with a big hole in a roof. This was the only dry place in whole area. I slept on the desk, other people somewhere around. I remember my sleeping bag was not big enough so it was cold during the night and somehow, don’t know why, I liked it. I think in that moment, my mind changed and I started to like this extreme things, like to sleep in small sleeping bad in storm. From that time when I walk outside and it is raining, I am really enjoying it. It is hard to explain but lets move.

Fog running around Olsztyn lakes

Morning when I woke up as first person, was magical. The fog was appearing and disappearing over the lake. I just remember I was sitting on the coast of this lake and was enjoying this moment. I was little bit mad on me that I was so terrible last day, but this morning .. was awesome.

Olsztyn lakes

When all other people woke up, the sun was getting higher and higher. Clouds were still there but I knew it wont rain anymore. Mood in the morning was good. We kinda forgot about things which happened last day. Or I hoped so.

Time when I disappointed you – and I am sorry I did it

So this is the background story about my front photo. This is why it is so special and why I chose this one.

Your Supertramp


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  1. judy lawless píše:

    Beautiful story; beautiful pictures.

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