Why do I write

Hello dear reader 🙂 One more thanks to you all for reading my blog. I really appreciate it and I am happy that there are some people who like to read these stories which I share here, almost every week. Thanks.

Today I prepared for you little bit more personal post. I want to tell you why do I sit from time to time in front of my PC and write blog. I was thinking to write this one long time ago but I think now it’s the right time. So as I always say, sit down and enjoy this new blog post!

The impulse came from strangers who were not strangers actually

There is always a strong impulse. Impulse which brings the idea into my mind or impulse which give me an idea where to go to travel. Most of the time, my posts are about traveling, what means that the traveling impulse is the most frequent one in my life. And I like it. I really love it. I found out my passion for traveling, exploring and documenting these moments more than 12 years ago. But that time I did not know how to share these moment, experiences, photos .. I just told about it to my mom or to my close friend and that was it. Later, I found out about Skype and other platforms where I found some people from abroad, who were interested in these things. I am talking about you Sandy, Salvador, Samuel and others. You and more others worth my big thanks. Becuase of you I started to study English by myself. By listening radio, reading things, talking. And if there was not this impulse from you, maybe I will not know how to speak in English. So there is a big thanks to you all. You really worth it.

So as I know how to write things in English, there was just one smaller step to start my own blog. But …

Before the blog

I was thinking to buy a new camera. My really good friend Milan helped me to find one. I decided to buy it and after I bought it, everything changed. I started to taking photos more and more often. My passion was growing and growing every day. With a new shot came a new idea and with a new idea came more new photos, which looked better as the one before. But how is this connected with the blog? Good question

Warsaw, Poland

Probably I mentioned it before already, but I have a sister in Poland. She is not polish but ukrainian and she is not my real sister but I call her like that. Just shrotly to remind you what happened. I was planning to visit Poland, I found her on Couchsurfing and wanted to visit her. But something happened and we did not meet that year but much later. And here comes the story. She was working on a project called Write the city. It was a book, created by people who were from abroad but living in Warsaw. And she asked me to send them some photos, which they wanted to use in the book. I had no problem with that and I was kinda happy as I though my photos will be seen by many people who will read this book. So I accepted it and in next few months, just on my journey around Europe, I got an invitation. I was invited for a book promotion in Warsaw.  There were all those people who wrote and worked on this book and I was there sitting with them, in front of audience. I also got a chance to speak up, about my part of job on this book. And it was real push up. I had a chance to see peoples reaction on my photos. Not just to see them but also feel. And it was the right kick..

After Warsaw, I did not write anything yet. I was just lazy or just did not know what to write. But as I traveled more and more, I forced myself to start to write something. So, did it?

Yes, I did!

And here I am today writing this post. Writing this post about why I am writing this. I started with a first short story. Then I wrote another story and later another one. After few months I found out I wrote quite a lot and I liked it. The views and likes were there but not as much as I hoped. But then I stopped for a while and I was thinking if this is what I really like. If I am writing this blog because of likes and views or because I like to talk and share my stories. Second is correct. I write it because I want to speak out, I want to share. Sometimes I go out with my friends, with mom, or alone. Most of the time when I go alone or with mom I write the most. Why? Probably because I have much more time to think about what to write when I am alone. And also when I am alone somewhere, I kinda feel like I am absorbing the atmosphere much stronger. And when I come back I feel like I have to write it down as fast as possible, because I do not want to forget anything what happened that day. So I write ..

And what will be next step ?

Yes, this is the question which I ask myself quite a lot. What will be next? And my answer  is that I do not know. What will happen that will happen. My life is full of surprises, nice meeting, nice people and stories which are most of the time really unbelieveble. So what will bring this blog to my life? Who knows, lets see. I can just say now, that for not it brough me nice memories. And for sure, it helps me everytime to improve my English. So that is it.

Thanks for reading and soon I will post here a story from High Tatras. I was doing some hiking yesterday and for sure I will share some photos and moments from this trip. It was my first ever solo trip in mountains and .. and more you can find later on my blog. Here is a little teaser


Your Supertramp



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome post! Keep blogging!


  2. beetleypete píše:

    That looks like wonderful countryside, and I can see why you want to explore it. Travelling by train is good too, something I have only done occasionally, but always enjoyed.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.


    1. Hey Pete, your blog is also really nice. Thanks a lot for nice msg here on my blog. 🙂 Be sure there will be more new stories! 🙂 Comments like yours, which says something, make me feel like I want to write more and more every day 🙂 I just hope that I work hard enough to improve my English 🙂 so English readers will enjoy my posts more and more 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. beetleypete píše:

        Your English is certainly good enough for me to read and enjoy your posts. Happy travelling! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. calmkate píše:

    Good for you to learn both English and photography to such a high degree, we are blessed!
    Nice to meet you and welcome to wordpress 😉


    1. Hey, thanks a lot for such a nice comment 🙂 I really appreaciate it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. calmkate píše:

        hey I really think you deserve it, you’ve done very well!


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