High Tatras and Waterfall Skok

Yesterday it looked like a rainy day. Weather was not really good in Kosice and I also did not wake up when my mobile was ringing. But my mom called me because she wanted to ask something, that she woke me up. I dressed up in hurry, packed all my things and started journey to High Tatras.

When I got from my dormitory, I went to buy a ticket for a public transport. Bad luck, place where the ticket machine was closed. So I decided to buy a SMS ticket. Bought it and was waiting when I receive the message with the ticket. Bus arrived but I still did not have the SMS. So I waited, bus left and just few seconds later SMS was delivered. Ok, no problem said I. I checked the timetable for next bus to train station. Next one was in 10 minutes, it was not that bad. But it did not go directly to train station. Yes ..  What can I say, morning was really hectic and I was just worry what else will happen to me that day.

Strbske tarn, High Tatras

I arrived to High Tatras on time. Amazing, I did not even believe it. After the morning experience I was really happy that also the cog-wheel arrived on time so I got myself to Strbske tarn on time. For those who are reading this and do not know what Strbske tarn is. It is a lake in High Tatras what are the highest mountains in Slovakia. This lake is probably the most visited one but it brings some not good things. The tourists pollution is here really big so if you want to visit this place alone, come in early morning and before sunset. But still, it worth to be visited.

Strbske tarn
Strbske tarn

My plan for that day was to spend it whole on Strbske tarn. I brough my heave tripod with myself, to take some really amazing photos. I wanted to find some new places where I slowly and with passion built my tripod. I took my time.

Strbske tarn
Strbske tarn

Later I met with a friend from Kosice and spend some minutes together. Weather looked really changeable. Few minutes it was really warm and just a minute later there was a snow storm. I saw a lot of people were going to Waterfall Skok. The word Skok might be translated as Jump. As the weather looked changeable but good enough for some hiking, I decided to go to see this waterfall.

Trails up to Waterfall Skok

I have never done hiking alone before this time. I mean hiking in mountains. I am not really a fan of this kind of hiking – alone. I always prefer to go with somebody. But this time I took a risk. And there was a lot of people so I want not so afraid to go to the woods. First part of hiking was not really steep. Just the rocks on the ground were sometimes too big and as I was walking, with my new hiking shoes, it hurt a bit. But I was fine. After few minutes I got into really nice woods. All the paths were covered with tree roots. It looked stunning and I wanted to take many photos. But as were so many people, I decided to wait and took pictures on way back. So with my tripod and camera on it I continued.

Trail up to Waterfall Skok
Trail up to Waterfall Skok

After the woods, the valley opened fully. The view started to be more and more stunning. I was here already 2 or 3 years ago. But I have never been here during autumn. Colors were so much better. And then a noise from river began. So it meant I was close to the waterfall. I actually saw it on horizon. Maybe 30 more minutes and I will be there, though I. But the river here looked really nice, so I took my tripod on the ground and started to shoot photos.

Trail to Waterfall Skok
Trail to Waterfall Skok
Trail to Waterfall Skok

Later, I reached the waterfall. During the walk here there was one snow storm and also strong sun. A real autumn weather, I said. When I arrived to waterfall the weather was perfect. So I took my chance and made some amazing shots and later, set my camera to time-lapse mode. I had to wait for at least 30 minutes, to get some nice timelapse. During this time weather changed again and it started to snow a lot. I was frozen, wind was strong and I had to stay in this place and wait. I just hopped it will worth it.

Waterfall Skok
Waterfall Skok
Waterfall Skok

When the snow storm ended, I decided to go higher – over the waterfall. It took just about 10 minutes to climb a bit higher. There was the place, the one I was looking for. Perfect place for a perfect time-lapse. Whole valley was in front of me and really large rock on which I sit was there also. Perfect place, really.

View to the valley

When I was sitting there and watching to the valley I was thinking. I was thinking how great idea it was to go here alone. Even I had a little fear before, I was happy I decided to go. It worth it. I just took a big breath, closed my eyes and was enjoying this moment here.


When I looked down, I saw there were not so many people as few minutes ago. It seemed like everybody was leaving. So I packed all my things and started the journey back. On the way down I stopped several times to take some photos.

Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok

As I arrived luckily back to Strbske tarn, I wanted to make one more timelapse over the tarn. Sun was going down in an hour, so I went to find the right place. I found one just 3 meters from the tarn but it was really cold there. But timelapse is timelapse. I have to survive this here for an hour. And it worth it. The sunset was just amazing and I can say now that the whole day was amazing. More photos from this day I put under these lines! Hope you like them!

Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok
Way back from Waterfall Skok
Strbske tarn

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