Lapland – the final day

And here it is. Every story has its end and this is the last episode from Lapland. I thank to every of you who read all the posts about Lapland trip. I really appreacciate it. And now, please let me tell you what happened in last days.

Sun is going fown over Saarisalka

Yesterday we had some activities. It was cross country skiing. I still do not know what I applied for this activity as I am afraid of this sport. But probably I just wanted to test myself, if I can survive this. We came to the city center of Saarisalka and got all necesarry equipments. In next few minutes we were already doing the cross country skiing. And it was as I though. I felt already 5 times in 3 minutes. And hardly, streight on my back where I had a rucksack with my camera. It hurt more as my back hit the camera everytime. But there was something more to happen. But I found this a bit later. So we were skiing in Saarisalka. Trying to do our best … skiing down under the bridge and also from the bridge down. It was fun I have to say. But then it happened. I found out when I was going to take a photo of Alex, that my camera had a wierd angel. I checked it and it looked broken. Whole lens was completely off. Thanks God, later I found out it was just a rubber around the lens, which got broken. Awww, knock knock, I have a really luck with these things. So after skiing, we got back to our cabin and had a nice evening there. Of course we went up to the peak over Saarisalka but yes, as you might guess, we found just cold and snow there, no aurora at all. But maybe tomorrow!

That view from window from our cabin

Today I have a day off. Together with Edie. Just 2 of us on cabin and other went for some activities in snow. I skipped the day because nothing so interesting happened actually. We just went to buy some last things into the city and that is it. But in the evening, I was sitting with Edwina in the kitchen and we were talking about things. I was scratching a cabin and aurora on the stone, which I found in Saarisalka. Than, I do not eve know why, I moved my head from the window. Colors on the sky were really different and I just saud to Edwina, I feel like it is aurora! You cant even imagine how fast we put on some warm clothes and ran up to the mountain. During our ran, we saw some kind of weird clouds on the horizont and the sun color was really different.

Weird formation of clouds in Saarisalka
Weird formation of clouds in Saarisalka

I so hoped to see aurora. As we were getting higher and higher, we saw a bus which was going to the peak also. We were laughting like maybe it will be our collegues, returning from the snow activities. We did not even know how right we were. Just perfectly on the same time, we arrived to the peak together with them. It was really funny I have to say. Some of them decided to slide down, back to cabin and some people stayed with us on the peak. It was cold, so some of them moved to the cabin on the peak and waited there if aurora will appear tonight. I went a little bit further to set my tripod and camera and I was waiting. And then I saw something was happening on the sky. It was hard to notice what was going on so I took a test picture. And there it was. Not sharp, not clean but it was there. The aurora!

The test photo if aurora is on the sky

I did not even believe it. I just screamed to Edwina, Marie … to everybody to come. And as then fastly ran to the place where I was, they saw it also. It was not so strong but it was there. The green light from sun, for which we were doing these trips up to this peak evey single night. The light for which we were frozen so many times. The aurora. It was appearing and dissapearing. I called to Alex that aurora was there. And I cant even imagine how fast they ran up to the peak from cabin. I just heard the story, how it looked in cabin when they heard from me that aurora appeared.

Aurora – Saarisalka
Aurora – Saarisalka

But they did it also. They saw a little bit of it but at least, it was there. We felt pleasant as we saw aurora. And it appeared in really magical time, as it was our last night in Saarisalka. I loved it. It was like from real American movie. Special end.

Aurora – Saarisalka
Aurora – Saarisalka
Aurora – Saarisalka
Aurora – Saarisalka

Next day, we had to pack and we were ready to go back home. To imagine how happy we were, try to imagine to get on the bus and to know that you will stay on this bus fro 3 days. Haha, not a really nice imagination right? So last photos in Saarisalka and we were on the way back to Krakow.


Way back home was full of fun. We won a lot of prices in Bingo and some other games on Vikings line boat. We saw Tallin covered with snow and we had some great meal in Warsaw. After so long time and so many esxpensive stores, we felt like in heaven when we arriwed back to Poland.

The Lapland crew

Thanks Lapland, it was really fun to visit you. And thanks for a great time which we had there. After Lapland, we are some kind of family, you created a speacial group of friends. Thanks one more time!

Your Supertramp


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