Village Cicmany? Where is it!?

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Today I want to tell you about small village, which is maybe not so well-known abroad. I think so because some time ago I found out, also some people from other parts of Slovakia do not know that this kind of village exists in Slovakia. So let me bring you to this place in next few lines.

Painted houses in Cicmany

Cicmany, this village is located not far from cities like Zilina and Trencin. You can get there by car, bike or bus. Train rails were not built to this region. Bus goes directly just from Rajec what is a small town not far. The village itself is located in between nice mountains in countryside. You can see the peak called Klak from here and if you go a bit further from the village, peak Strazov can be seen also. Both of these are very popular and visited by tourists from Slovakia, Czech republic or other countries. Every year there is also a special tour on New Years Eve. This is organized by tourists group from the region.

Painted houses in Cicmany
Painted houses in Cicmany
Painted houses in Cicmany

Village by itself is really unique. It is the only one where you can see special painting on the wooden houses. Interesting fact is that in many of these, people still live. Some of them are transformed into museums, some used as souvenir stores.

Accommodation in Cicmany

If you want to find some really nice, move further from the touristic ones. Village is not so big so to walk around will take you about 20 minutes. Try to discover all painted houses and enjoy nice views around. If you plan to come in winter, there is also a ski center. But be prepared for really steep hill.

Painted houses in Cicmany
Painted houses in Cicmany
Painted houses in Cicmany

When you will be in Cicmany already, I recommend you to buy a t-shirt with original Cicmany painting on it. The quality is awesome and it looks really nice. And be sure that everybody will ask you where you get that t-shirt from.

Painted houses in Cicmany

One more thing about the painting. The painting is repainted every year, or every time when it needs to be. So the look of some houses my change trough times. But it makes it even more unique. And why is it not in UNESCO? Honestly, I have no idea. If I work for UNESCO I will put it in as soon as it is possible, because I think Cicmany worth it.

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