Lapland adventure – day no. 4

Curious what happened in Lapland during day no. 4 ? If you answered yes, please sit down for next few minutes and enjoy reading this short story.

So as the day 4 began? We woke up early in the morning as today program was to travel up to Norway. The small village called Bugoynes was the place which we planned to reach today. This village is located on the coastline of Arctic ocean.  It is famous because of super big crabs and because of one special thing, which you can do there. But let me keep it as a secret for now.

The first stop on this journey was small city Naatamo. In Naatamo you can find the most succesful store in this area. And why is it? Because for Norwegian it is cheaper to travel to Finland to buy some food and things like that. And as this city is located near Norwegian boards, yes you guess right, Norwegians comes here very often because of shopping. We also visited the store which is here and as it was recommended to us, we tried their fried pork ribs. I have to say they were really tasty. I paid about 2 euro for 4 or 5 ribs what was a good price for something so delicious.

Map with location of Naatamo

As we crossed the board with Norway, countryside changed dramatically. The forest disappeared and mountains and stones appeared all around us. I was really shocked because I knew Norway should look like this, but I did not expect the different will appear so fast. We stopped to see some small waterfalls on the river and then we directly drove to Bugoynes.

Small waterfalls in Norway
Location where the waterfall was

The location where Bugoynes is located is called Finnmark. As we were coming closer to the village our guide turned on some typical local music, which completely changed the atmosphere on the bus. As Roman said, we felt like Vikings who were arriving to the Arctic ocean.

Arriving to Bugoynes

Bugoynes looked really lovely from this place. We had to climb a bit on these rocks but it worth it. The bay, sand beach and village, all perfectly situated in this cold and wild Norwegian nature. For me as photographer, it was a lovely moment. My finger was pushing shutter button as fast as it was just possible. Color of the water looked really lovely but we all knew it was super cold. And we knew one more thing … But lets move inside first, for some food.

The village of Bugoynes
Norwegian countryside
Our bus parked right over Bugoynes

This restaurant was owned by a man, who was some kind of police officer and did many other things in this village. As he told us, they actually do not need a police, because everybody knows everybody, but as you might guess, there always must be somebody on the top of group. So as we guessed here it was him. He told us many stories about Bugoynes and the area. He told us how far it is to the nearest village or hospital, bank, train station. All these info were breathtaking. Me as somebody from small city also, I was amazed how can people live so far from civilization and in this weather.

View from the window in restaurant

The owner is also a head chef in this restaurant. He prepared for us some traditional fish soup which I have to say was really tasty. We had a chance to take it as many times as we wanted. And we were kinda hungry so almost everybody went for the soup 2 or so. We ate the soup with fresh bread which was also backed here and we also had a chance to try traditional Norwegian cheese. I had this cheesse before as my good friend Henri brought it to me to Slovakia. The texture of this one was really creamy and strong. I liked it but it was a bit expensive so I did not take any. But thanks 🙂

The fish soup
Ad it was told to us, few days ago snow cowered both of these houses. The weather changes here very often

And this is it. This is the time when I will finally tell you why we traveled so far up to Norway and to Arctic ocean. If you see the small red container in next photo, let me tell you that it is sauna where is 120 degrees. And few meters from there, you can see the beautiful color of Arctic ocean. Does this combination makes sense to you? If not, read next few lines …

Sauna and Arctic ocean

We went away from the bus and this was the first thing which we saw. Special thing for Slovakia, if I remember I saw it just 2 or 3 times in Slovakia, but here as I heard it was quite normal to see the solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse

And this is the bay where we spend next hour and half or two hours. I do not remember actually, but the point is, that we came here to do sauna with Arctic ocean swimming. Yes yes, I know how it sounds. Crazy. That is what we though about it before we arrived.

So here we were and it was time ti dress out just to swimming suite. First of all we changed the clothes and run to sauna. Sauna was really warm. In the one where I was, was about 120 degrees. I have never ever before was in so hot sauna. I was surprised I was able to stay for few minutes. After this, we opened the door and just in flip flops we ran through snow filed directly to super cold Arctic ocean. I have to say that first time it was really bad and super cold. But as we repeated this several times, it was getting better and better. I remember I was really surprised that one the way back to sauna I just walked, slowly, I did not run at all. I completely did not feel the cold wind … anything. Amazing, that was the only word which I could say.

The cold bay where we did some Arctic games

After sauning and swimming in the ocean I dressed up and walked around a bit to get some nice shots. So here is the bay and really nice “tree” which was created by sand and water.

Nature painting
Last view over sauna, snow field and Arctic ocean
Last view over sauna, snow field and Arctic ocean

We returned late in the evening and as always, I was super tired but I walked these few kilometers up to the mountain over Saarisalka and hoped to see aurora. But, bad luck. I did not see anything that night. Everything I got was this nice show 🙂 So good night and hope to see you on my blog next time.

Aurora hunting in Saarisalka

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