Ups and downs – Pilsudski mound Krakow

I have not been here for a while. I am little bit sorry about it but I was a bit disabled for last week so. In this post I will tell you about my last experience which I had together with my friend Martin. We went up to the Pilsudski mound in Krakow. Or actually first of all I started the trip just by myself and then things changed. So what we saw, what we did and what happened – answer for all these questions you will find in todays short blog post.

4 PM – Krakow base camp – students dormitory 

It was 4 PM and I did not know what to do. So I decided to dress up and walk once again to the Mound Pilsudski which is about 7km far away from my dorm. I walked up there in last 3 days 3 times already. But I really liked it. Every time when I went up there I tried a new way up. Every single time I had to go through amazing forest, which is completely green already. Not so many people and a lot of nature – that is kind of combination which I like ( especially when I have my camera and tripod ). So this day I decided to try another way up as I hoped this one will be the best for our sunrise adventure, which we plan to do soon.

Woods under Pilsudski mound

When I got there, I found out this will not be probably the best way to get to Mound in 2 AM in the morning. But, but. I liked this one a lot as whole forest was covered with grass. It looked stunning. One girl on bicycle was following me all the way up. Every single time I stopped she did the same. I am not sure now if she was afraid of me or she just wanted to be in a company, as we both were alone in deep forest.

Woods under Pilsudski mound

5:30 PM – Mound Pilsudski reached 

So I came to the top where were some people already. I did not know if they were waiting for sunset or no. I was sure that I will stay there for an hour or so and then I will run back to the dorm, as I am not that kind of person who like to walk through the forest alone in dark. But somehow, Martin changed his mind and called me that he will come up to join me for sunset adventure. So I put my earphones which were already prepared to be plugged into my phone into my black trousers pocket.

Not latter then in an hour Martin arrived and the adventure started. To the sunset we still had about 2 hours. During this time we saw some dogs fights on the top. We saw as one man forgot his dog on the top and we though the dog will watch the sunset with us, but he changed his mind and left. People were coming and leaving and just few minutes before the sunset, just during the golden hour, there were 4 another people. Sunset from this Mound was spectacular as we had here 360 degree view. Sky was super clear so we enjoyed it really a lot.

Sunset from Pilsudski mound
Sunset from Pilsudski mound
Sunset from Pilsudski mound

When the night come and you still don’t want to leave

When I looked into the woods under us, I saw it was already completely dark inside. So I got this idea, to stay up on Mound till 10 PM and see also stars from here. Martin agreed. I turned on my Spotify playlist and the evening theater just opened it gates. Stars started to appear but from the city side, a bit orange cloud was coming. It started to cover the starts but we did not mind at all. It was still cool enough to be up here. We also recognized some people under the Mound. We did not believe it but really, those people came here with theirs bikes for a ride. In complete darkness just with torches on their helmets. It looked insane. But, 10 PM appeared on our clocks and it was time to leave.

Polish flag on the top of Pilsudski mound

Boars, deers and the ZOO on the right side

Walking through the forest in dark is always a bit scary. You can be brave, you can love adventure but it is always a bit risky and you never know what will jump on you from right or left. Here it was even cooler as I brought with me just small torch from 1970 which I got from my grandma and the second thing was, we were almost next to the ZOO. So as we were walking on the path, we heard from time to time a lion or peacock or another animal. But thanks God we did not meet any alive board.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt zoo free image
ZOO image taken from Google

Rich zone and gravitation 

As we got after few kilometers down to the city area, we found out we were in super rich zone. The houses looked stunning and really huge. I think I have never seen such an architectonic interesting buildings. It was a nice surprise and also it was nice to be back in humans area. I liked the forest but still.

And you wait probably for that gravitation topic. Yes. It is a bit shame to say but I had an accident. Kinda stupid one but, many bag things happened in once. We were walking on the path back to our dormitory. And the path was a bit ruined in one part. Most of the time when you hit the ruined path with your feet, nothing happen. You can control it. But just in this moment, I was trying to fix my tripod on my bag, I was talking to Martin and I hit this small piece of path. I though I will control it without any problems, like I will do a few more steps in front and that is it. But somehow it did not work and my leg got stacked in back. And I want to tell you something, it is not really funny to fall on path with one hand holding tripod on your bag. So I felt with all my weight on my knee and then on my wrist. Knee covered in blood, wrist also. As fast as I felt I woke up and started to laugh and first thing which I said was – I am so hungry. I do not know why, but I always feel hungry and want some chocolate when I hurt myself haha. It is hard to explain but it is like that. So, I hurt on the path, and there were still about 4km in front of us and we did not have mobile phones – or I can say we had them but battery level was zero. So we had to walk all this way back to the dorm, not a bit destroyed.

Falling Down Stairs free icon
Balancing image – taken from Google

And that is it. That is reason why I did not write anything for last week. I had to recover a bit and got well as I wanted to walk again and discovered again new things. Now I am better, I can walk but it still hurts a bit. But thanks God, nothing more serious did not happen to me. Just knee, wrist, broken mobile phone ( which still works ), 1 broken earphone which I bought just 2 weeks ago.

Martin and I on the top of Pilsudski mound

And one interesting thing for the end. When I was alone on the top of Mound, there were two people. I think they were a couple. They gave me a small present – it was a picture of Saint Maria. They gave it to me and told me to keep it. Of course I took it and put it into my wallet and put my wallet into my left pocket. And guess what. When i felt, I hurt my right knee only, my right wrist only and my mobile phone and earphones were also on the right side. The left side where this spiritual picture was, was completely untouched. It is kind of amazing I have to say 🙂

So thanks for reading my blog today, have a nice day and see you on my website soon again!!


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  1. Hi, Marek! Nice reading about your adventures.
    Keep it up! Your style is really captivating, you have the gift of gab.

    Greetings from Kraków!


    1. Thanks a lot! It is really nice compliment!

      Liked by 1 person

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