A normal day in Supertramp life

Hello once again. Today it will be just a short story, maybe for somebody it will be an inspiration what to do in Krakow or somebody will just say = what did this guy do again?! If it so or so, I try to enjoy every single day in Krakow. I try to create crazy walking trips here, I try to meet people, I try to enjoy it here. And yesterday, my “sister” wrote me. She said she has few hours in Krakow before her plane will departure. So I did not think twice about it and set up my alarm clock at 6:30 in the morning.

When just to go by train to the airport is not enough

Whole journey marked in Google maps

So she was here. We had a great time as always. We really found each other. But this is a different story. It was time to say goodbye at the airport. But it was just end of first half of my todays adventure. Yesterday I got this crazy idea to walk back from the airport right to my dormitory. It was about 13 km when I checked it on Google maps last night. But as always I did it longer. First of all I walked a bit further to see the airplane with my Yulinka. I waved and then I was ready to go.

Airport tour (2 of 26)
Krakow airport
Airport tour (3 of 26)
Krakow airport
Airport tour (6 of 26)
LOT Airplane taking of from Krakow airport

I have to say that this area around the airport is quite nice. Nice countryside. You have to go through some factory buildings but then this nice countryside appears. You can find some kind of village there = a lot of small weekend houses, where people have their vegetables and things like that.

Airport tour (4 of 26)
This is the place right behind the airport

After crossing few fields, roads and one high-speed road I got into small village called Olszanica. On the way to here I saw some really nice sceneries. Like nice fields with super green grass which smelled so nice, the nicest billboard I have ever seen ( through which you saw green field and trees ) and trees covered with white flowers. But what to say about this village? It is quite small, with some old houses, new houses and some which are really special. Like this one with steel birds on the front gate, and all other structures inside in the garden. I kinda liked. This house looked bit shabby but all these creative and creepy birds made this place special. I would like to meet the person who created them, to talk with him or her just for a while. But unfortunately, nobody was in the garden when I walked around.

Airport tour (26 of 26)
Entering the Krakow city
Airport tour (25 of 26)
I liked this house which I saw on the way to Krakow, I felt it was special somehow
Airport tour (11 of 26)
High=speed road next to the airport
Airport tour (12 of 26)
I liked it when the road was empty, without any cars 
Airport tour (14 of 26)
The nicest billboard I have ever seen and probably the first one of which I took a photo
Airport tour (15 of 26)
These kind of fields just made me feel so relaxed
Airport tour (18 of 26)
Beautiful tree with white flowers on it – is it cherry or apple tree?
Airport tour (19 of 26)
Steel birds in the special house
Airport tour (20 of 26)
Steel birds in the special house
Airport tour (21 of 26)
Steel birds in the special house
Airport tour (22 of 26)
Steel birds in the special house
Airport tour (23 of 26)
On the way to Krakow

And right when I was entering the area where I live, this park appeared. I this I will go to this one once again, it was not big but looked really nice.

Airport tour (24 of 26)
Park under Mound Kosciuszko

And the park was also the last point of my little trip which I did today. I walked about 20 km today, if I also count the way from dormitory to the train station. I really loved it. I met with my “sister”, had super nice time with her, received my own gift which I forgot in Warsaw 1 and half a year ago, went to the airport for a first time here in Krakow and walked back and saw some nice sceneries. It was a special day as every single day here in Krakow. And I want to say one more thing – everyday can be special, it just depends how you look at it, and if you do what you like. Do not complain that it is raining or it is too sunny. Just go and enjoy it. Do not forget about one thing, you have just one chance to enjoy the actual day, you do not have second chance tomorrow.

Have a great week!

PS : I would like to share my play list which I used during this journey

  • Amazing by George Michael
  • Black chandelier by Biffy Cliro
  • Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen
  • Cants in the cradle by Harry Chapin
  • Wicked game by Chris Isaac
  • Brothers and sister by Coldplay
  • Doing the right thing by Daughter
  • Youth by Daughter
  • Fake happy by Paramore
  • 26 by Paramore
  • Go let it out by Oasis
  • Last hope by Paramore
  • You and me by Lifehouse
  • Georgia by Vance Joy


Your Supertramp!


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  1. Great post and photos!
    I love Krakow and have some posts on Poland. Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog. 🙂


    1. You are welcome, I also really like your blog! It will be a pleasure to read it 😊😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! I’ll be back. 🙂


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