Short story about my trees

Today I want to show you other side of me. My personality. Normally, I write here about traveling, my adventures but sometimes, there is no time to travel and I so I do some other things which I like. One of these is also drawing. So let me introduce you some of my latest pictures and I will also try to explain you, why I started to draw this kind of pictures 🙂


How it all began 

The very first idea was, to bring something to people who I met during my traveling (yes right, my drawing mood is also connected with traveling, probably as everything in my life). I was siting in my room and I was thinking what should I draw. It took me some time when somehow, this idea with tree appeared. My brain brought this idea, but I was thinking – why trees? So I started to think about it. I was trying to make some serious project from it. And then it happened. I got it! Finally! “Lets create a big garden, full of trees – Big European (and later maybe international) garden of friends, who will own my trees!” I liked this idea a lot. I was happy with it so it was time to draw my first tree.


First tree which I draw was really simple one. It was just a tree (regular one) with a lot of leafs. If I remember well, also the colors were pretty simple, I used just blue, green and black. To draw this first one I also used just pencil and color pencils. That time I though it was a masterpiece (but as I look at it now, it wasn’t!)


When it moved to another level – when new ideas appeared from somewhere 

As time flight, I was getting little bit tired of drawing just this simple trees. I wanted to improve. I wanted to find out something new. But what? I decided to do a little experiment. Closed my eyes and tried to not think about anything. I tried to put my mind into another dimension, where was only me and my ideas. And surprisingly, it worked. My advice for you if you want to try this sometimes. Be careful, because something you can entry this 4th space just for few seconds. So be patient, wait for it but be sure once it will come.


So, this is how it began, how it continued and .. no, it has not ended yet, definitely! There are still days when I am able to draw about 3 or 4 pictures, days when I spend 20 hours by drawing. Here are some of my latest – some – which I really like and some which are still waiting for a new owner.


I hoped you liked todays post. I know it was not about traveling but I just felt like I wanted to share something personal, something what I though some of you might not know about me.

Your Supertramp!


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