Jaskinia Twardowskiego (Krakow)

Hello, I am back! And today it will be a big adventure. Today we decided to discover cave called – Jaskinia Twardowskiego. I found some info about it just today and as it was not too far from our campus, we decided to go there.

Map how to get from campus right to the cave

Snow was falling all day long but weather was pretty good. It was no windy finally! We arrived to the park called Park Twardowskiego. Soon we found out there is also a military camp. We were little bit confused as it looked like we could not entry there but another sign said we had to go that way. We decided to go!

We met during our walking just few people – some were jogging some were riding bikes. We came as first to this place – a big lake – which was created from the hole which was made here by humans – as they were trying to get some material from it. I think if you come here in summer, you can go to swim there – definitely.

Lake in the Park Twardowskiego

Then we started to look for the cave. Google maps helped us a little bit and in maybe 10 minutes we got to the entry of the cave. It was really dark inside and even my torch which I brought did not help us at all. We saw that there was somebody inside. So we said “Helloooo” but we did not get any answer. It was a bit weird I have to say. We decided to stay at the entrance of the cave – as we did not know who is inside and we just did not want to risk anything. Later the steps were louder and louder and a man ran away from the cave and did not even say hello or something. He just left! It was really weird I have to say.

Entrance to the Jaskinia Twardowskiego

But we found also a new friend there. A small bird which we though was a mouse but no, it was a bird definitely. First we saw a small ball in the middle of cave. I said “Hey, there is a mouse I think”. But than this ball just moved up and down .. just like a bird. It made us a bit scary 😀 We really did not expect it. But when we found out it was a bird, and actually a really friendly one (he was still jumping around us and coming really close to us) I think we became kind of friends with him. But let’s move more inside to this cave.

Our new friend – the mouse which transformed into bird
First steps in the Jaskinia Twardowskiego

The entrance hall was kinda small but inside it was really huge. We had to stay inside for a while because we needed to adapt our eyes for this dark place. After few minutes, we saw this hue place. It looked really stunning. We were also trying to go further but as we found out, it was a bit dangerous and we should probably go more further just with some special equipments. But I have to say, today it was a really good adventure! Check the photos below! And if you want to visit it – go for it! It worth it!

This is panoramic photo which I took inside of the cave
Exit from the cave
Panoramic photo of exit from the other side of the cave
I felt like an explorer – exploring another world
There were also some frozen balls in which were leafs


For next stories, do not forget to check my blog also next time!

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