Vilnius – Klaipeda – very first Baltic experience

So hello once again! I am back with my blog and this summer I decided to visit Baltic states because I had no idea what I can expect from them, what can I find there so why not!

Puchov – Warsaw – Suwalki – Vilnius – Trakai – Klaipeda – Nida

Puchov – Warsaw – Suwalki

Have you ever heard about Suwalki? Probably not. But when I found this city I was so happy! It gave me a chance to get into Baltic states without visa! I feel little bit dumb but I really did not know that Lithuania and Poland has a board! But whatever! Thanks God I found this and I also found there is a possibility to take bus or train through this board!

I started my trip pretty late around 8am in the morning in Puchov. I took a train to Hranice na Morave in Czech republic and then I went directly up to Warsaw with this EC train from Vienna. In Warsaw I had just a few minutes so I went out to take some photo and then fast back to catch my train to Suwalki.

BalticCountriesPlusFinland (5 of 135).jpg
Area near Warsaw Central train station

About train to Suwalki. This was a little disappointment! I expected some old train, with no comfortable seat but. It was worse, seats were really bad, no air conditioning, no electricity .. nothing. It was really warm outside so all windows had to be open during journey and it was sooo noisy. But whatever whatever! As I say also a bad experience is an experience.


I arrived to Suwalki with 35 minutes delay and it was already dark. When I say dark I mean totally dark. No lights or something in front of train station and my Google navigation did not work. So I was really happy to meet young couple from Suwalki who helped me to find a way to my Hostel. This hostel was called Next hostel and was situated about 2km away from train station. I have to recommend this one because it cost about 9€ per night but you can find there a really nice rooms, good wi-fi and .. I mean everything there was super good! So if you go to Baltic states and you have to make a stop as me in Poland, for sure choose this hostel to stay!

Location of Suwalki

Next day I had some time before my bus to Vilnius will go. So I went to some stores to buy something for breakfast and also a lunch. I found out Suwalki was really small city with nothing really so interesting. Maybe there is something but I just did not find it. I heard somewhere that people come here because of skiing and so. So maybe 🙂

LUX EXPRESS – first experience

My bus arrived! It was black with gold letters on it. Name of this Estonian company is called LUX EXPRESS. On the website their buses looked really good and as I entered it, I was not really disappointed! Enough space for my legs (and I am 2m tall!!), free wi-fi in every country, charger, tablet TV with lot of movies (not some Estonian but English movies), air-conditioning and free coffee, tea, cacao and so. Really something special I have to say! I have never been in bus like this before! It seemed like the journey to Vilnius could be very comfortable!

Lux Express bus

Suwalki – Kaunas -Vilnius

And I was right! The way to Vilnius was really perfect and I really enjoyed it! We arrived after about 4 or 5 hours to Vilnius to the bus station. First thing I saw from bus station was a train station in Vilnius. It looked a bit odd and very reminded me some train station in Ukraine. I booked a hostel here for 2 nights so it was time to find it. This hostel was about 3km away from bus station so to walk there took some time. Hostel was really amazing and I loved how it looked inside but also outside! I stayed in 7 beds room with some other people (I talked just with one from Morocco). I put down my bag and went to the city to found what was Vilnius like!


I have to say I really felt in love with Vilnius. It is the kind of capital city which I love and prefer! It has nice streets, good atmosphere but it’s also calm! Not so rush and hurry, not so many tourist and so! First place I visited there was main square and a hill where were some ruins of old castle! The view from this place was really amazing! I stayed there till late night because I was waiting for moon eclipse which was gonna happen that night. Here are some photos from that evening!

BalticCountriesPlusFinland (21 of 135)
Vilnius panorama
BalticCountriesPlusFinland (8 of 135)
Castle in Vilnius
BalticCountriesPlusFinland (14 of 135)
Vilnius during Gold hour
BalticCountriesPlusFinland (22 of 135)
Vilnius – view from the castle hill

Next day my plan was to visit Trakai what is a city not so far from Vilnius and where was this amazing castle between many lakes! I catched early train to Trakai because I did not want to risk some rainy weather. But I was pretty lucky because it looked like that today there would be any rain. At the train station I met with a girl called Catherine from DC who was also going to Trakai castle.  We decided to go together to the castle. We had to walk about 4km belong lakes and then there appeared this amazing castle made from bricks.

BalticCountriesPlusFinland (27 of 135)

Trakai castle


In Trakai I found one amazing delicious thing at the store. I am sorry to all my vegan and vegetarian friends but I just loved it! It were pig ears, marinated in some sauce with pepper and sliced into small slices! I felt in love with this food! I wish we had something similar in Slovakia!

When I returned back to Vilnius, I was ready to meet another friend from Lithuania! Egle! We met in the city center and went for a beer. In this place I found out what is a beer cocktail and fried bread with sauce made from cream and cheese! So yummy it was! On my way back home I stopped in this pub once more and also tried typical Lithuanian soup here and it was also pretty delicious! I add the photo of it. And check the color! It was just so amazing! I think I have never ever ate something with this kind of color!

Typical Lithuanian soup with a beer cocktail

So 2 days in Vilnius ran so fast and it was time to continue in my journey! Next stop – Klaipeda – coastline city of Lithuania!


BalticCountriesPlusFinland (50 of 135).jpg
Very photogenic ship on the river in Klaipeda

I took a train for 13€ from Vilnius directly to Klaipeda. Traveling with this train in Lithuania was really comfortable! I liked it a lot. When I arrived to Klaipeda my hostel was just few meters from train station. I met with owners and maybe just after a 5 mins of talking one of them got an idea! He explained to me how to get by ferry to this “island”, where to rent a bike and how to get to Nida in south of this island. I said, ok, why not! It was a bit late already because this journey from Klaipeda to Nida was about 57km and the wind was coming from Nida so.. But I said, ahh I could try it at least! I hoped to not miss my last ferry from Nida back to Klaipeda – because if I missed it, I will have to stay during night in Nida! And I did not want it as I had a place to leave early in the morning to Riga and I also paid for hostel in Klaipeda already! So I took firstly this small ferry to the island. It took just about 5 mins to got there. And than biking. Biking was really good, road for bikes were really good here. It took me about 4 and half hour to get to the Nida. I was so exhausted and tired! The front wind was really strong. But also some nice things happened during this biking tour! I met with a fox in woods, with a deer also and I was really surprised I did not meet any moose because as I read in the evening when I was back in Klaipeda – they are so typical for this place!!!!! Part of this island is written in UNESCO because of spectacular dunes made of sand!

Island between Klaipeda and Nida
BalticCountriesPlusFinland (35 of 135).jpg
Woods on the island
BalticCountriesPlusFinland (37 of 135)
Woods on the island
BalticCountriesPlusFinland (49 of 135)
Sand dunes

Good night Klaipeda! Next morning – bus to Riga 🙂

Your Marek Supertramp


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